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Boris to Sergey

From Boris Bikes to Sergey Cycles

LONDON — Moscow city authorities are delighted that plans inspired by London’s Boris Bikes to encourage more cycling in the Russian capital have taken off.

“The cycle hire scheme in the centre of Moscow is really popular, especially in the summer,” said Marat Husnulin, Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction, “the city is making more of our roads cycle-friendly, with special cycle lanes and cycle racks in public areas.”

“It helps reduce congestion and promotes a healthy lifestyle for Muscovites.”

“We know that in London the Mayor launched Boris Bikes, I guess you could call ours Sergey’s Cycles after our Mayor,” he said.

Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has made improving the transport infrastructure of Moscow one of his priorities with new roads, extensions to the underground and public transport to cut the city’s once notorious congestion.

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SOURCE Department of Urban Development and construction for Moscow