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Despite Disney Hike

Despite Recent Walt Disney World Price Hikes, Ticket Provider Reserve Orlando Retains Prior Rates

ST. LOUIS — Based on past seasons, it’s inevitable that Walt Disney World will increase their ticket prices, as with the recent price hike on June 2 that’s garnering a lot of media criticism. But while other third-party ticket resellers are increasing their prices to make even more profit, authorized Disney World ticket provider, Reserve Orlando, is continuing to offer the prior Disney ticket prices until June 14, 2013. Customers will be able to purchase official Walt Disney World tickets at reduced rates at

Never before has Walt Disney World Resort priced a single-day, single-park ticket above $90. Entry to the Magic Kingdom increased from $89 to $95. The other Florida parks (Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) are each $90 for single-day entry.

Although Reserve Orlando agrees these prices do include vast amounts of family entertainment, they are maintaining their prices to offer significant savings on multi-day Disney World tickets for single-park tickets as well as park-to-park tickets.

“We realize that planning a Disney World vacation can be costly. That’s why we wanted to keep our ticket prices at the prior rates for as long as possible,” said John Johnson, president of Reserve Direct. “We travel with our families, too, so we want to maximize the savings.”

Depending on the ticket type, travelers to Disney World can save upwards of $30 per ticket with Reserve Orlando. For instance, a 10-day Park Hopper includes a savings of $43 per ticket. For an average family of four, that’s $159 savings over Disney World gate prices. Considering the uproar about the recent price increases, there are still some travel companies keeping family budget in mind.

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