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Eco Consumer Services launches ‘Eco Manager’ App for better service recoveries in hospitality

SINGAPORE — Eco Consumer Services announced today that it has launched a mobile App for its hotel and restaurant merchants to better react to customer feedback. The Eco Manager App collects real time reviews and feedback from customers staying at hotels or visiting restaurants and alerts Managers when it detects need to react and recover the service based on the context of the feedback.

The Eco Manager App also collects reviews and social media postings consumers leave on the internet and allows Managers to reply directly to customers from their apps.

The App can be used in conjunction with an Eco Enterprise account, a leading SaaS customer engagement platform. Eco Manager has been in use with beta users in North America and in Singapore across properties operating under the Hilton, Radisson and Holiday Inn brands as well as a number of independent hotels for 3 months prior to its general market availability.

Says Ken Reimer, CEO of Eco Consumer Services:  ‘We are very excited about Eco Manager because of the changes we have seen it makes within the business: suddenly all efforts of employees when serving customers become transparent to the management and so does consumer feedback. Servicing customers becomes like a team sport through the app.’

The app is available as a native App for iPhone’s iOS and as a web app for other device types. The company says it is following up with an Android native app soon. The app is available at

About Eco Consumer Services

Eco ( empowers consumer opinion. Eco takes consumer opinions straight to the management of companies that want to listen and learn from their customers and reward them for their contribution. Using state of the art artificial intelligence technologies, Eco makes it easy for companies to analyze the customer’s requests interact or follow up instantly.

Eco serves consumers and companies in the US, Europe and Asia and has special offerings in the hospitality, F&B, Healthcare, FMCG and Automotive industries. For further questions, please contact Meena Lee at

Media Contact: Meena Lee, Eco Consumer Services, +65(31)581497,

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