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Expense Management

Companies Using Travel Expense Management Software Spend Significantly Less per Business Traveler

8th Annual Total Employee Mobility® Benchmarking Report shows companies with travel expense management software spend less per business traveler than companies with paper-based reporting

WATERFORD, Wis., Oct. 18, 2013 — The 8th Annual Runzheimer International® Total Employee Mobility® (TEM®) Benchmarking Report shows that companies using travel expense management software spend 27 percent less than the reported benchmark, and almost 41 percent less per traveler, per year, than companies using paper based reporting.

Travel expense management software is designed to increase productivity for business travelers by reducing the time spent manually completing expense reports, and save time on paperwork and administration. These results illustrate the efficiencies that can be gained from utilizing expense management software.

Additional survey key findings include:

  • Average direct spend per business traveler increased 7.3 percent over the prior year and the number of business travelers supported by one employee increased 4.6 percent.
  • Support costs per business traveler decreased 16 percent over the prior year.

The 2012 Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Report, in its eighth edition, is published by Runzheimer International, the global leader in workforce mobility programs. It covers key areas of employee mobility including Business Vehicles, Business Travel, Mobile Device Management, Domestic Relocation and International Assignments.

“Companies using expense management software are able to streamline the travel and expense reporting process without adding staff,” said President and CEO of Runzheimer International Greg Harper.

“The survey findings demonstrate the opportunity for companies that are not automating the travel expense process to reevaluate their expense reporting practices to ensure the right policies, processes, and investments maximize savings,” he added.

The TEM Benchmarking Report provides valuable insights on employee mobility and how organizations manage a mobile workforce. Companies that participate in the survey receive a complimentary copy of the report. To review the complete benchmark findings for business travel programs, watch the webinar. To participate in the 9th annual survey, contact Runzheimer International

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