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Free Roaming App i-Mobb Announces Partnership with Wireless Hotspot Company

Free roaming app i-Mobb is joining forces with to enable users to make international calls wherever they go.

NEW YORK, May 29, 2013 — i-Mobb, a free roaming app for Smartphones, tablets, and iPod Touch devices, is partnering with, a site that provides world travelers with mobile wireless hotspots. Full details about the new collaboration are available on i-Mobb’s website at

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of travel communications in the digital age. We designed i-Mobb to help our users save money and stay in contact during international trips. Now, we’ve partnered with, a company that provides travelers with their own portable wireless access points, to make keeping in touch even easier,” said Bernard Drai , CEO of the no roaming app company.

i-Mobb utilizes advanced VoIP technology to allow subscribers to easily connect with their friends and colleagues. Thanks to the free roaming app’s innovative technology, staying in touch while abroad is as easy and cheap as it is at home. Calls placed through the application are transmitted over wireless Internet rather than cellular networks to prevent any roaming charges, allowing users to keep in contact with their family and friends at vastly reduced rates.

With the new partnership between i-Mobb and, customers can utilize both services to enjoy reliable and portable wireless access wherever they go. provides i-Mobb subscribers with a personal and private connection that allows them to utilize the no roaming app’s services even in areas outside the range of a fixed access point, making i-Mobb an excellent solution for any trip.

For the duration of their i-Mobb subscriptions, users are provided with a new phone number that’s local to their destination. Call forwarding to the new number is available for any and all calls received at the user’s home or business phone, and i-Mobb also provides subscribers with an international voicemail that will intercept any calls they receive while they are without a Wi-Fi connection. Users of the free roaming app can monitor their accounts through the app’s intuitive interface, which offers a wide range of features, including the ability to organize contacts into personal and professional lists.

Travelers who wish to take advantage of i-Mobb’s unique services can choose to subscribe to the app for as little as one week at a time with the free roaming app’s flexible plans. After a trip ends, users can renew their subscriptions as needed to cover subsequent journeys.

i-Mobb is currently available for travelers who reside in eight countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada,France, Germany, and Japan, and the no roaming app company has plans to introduce access in new countries on a regular basis. To find out more about i-Mobb or to apply to become a reseller for the travel cell phone app, visit The company also maintains active social media profiles on Facebook at and on Twitter at


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