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Language Barriers

Breaking Down Language Barriers Provides Common Bond Between GRASP Technologies and TripLingo

Strategic Partnership Provides Basis for Deeper Joint Developments

SAN DIEGO, — Grasp Technologies announced a newly formed strategic partnership with the Atlanta, Georgia-based company TripLingo.  TripLingo created the ultimate language tool for travelers to connect with locals and avoid the frustrations of language barriers.  Blue ocean opportunity exists as both TripLingo and Grasp offer advanced travel and data management technologies and continued expansion of corporations into other countries will further drive the need for both company offerings.

This partnership will support both companies’ ability to track data.  Grasp will be able to gather anonymized TripLingo use data to see what issues travelers are facing while abroad and what topics are hot, such as the most sought after restaurant in Rome.  This data will help Grasp clients to be better prepared to assist their customers.  Likewise, TripLingo will be able to see the global travel trends to better understand what languages and features to launch next.

Business Insider named TripLingo one of the “11 Groundbreaking Inventions of 2011″ and TripLingo was awarded the prestigious “Business Travel Innovation of the Year” award from the Global Business Travel Association and Fast Company.  Other industry awards include:
– Most Innovative Company to Watch, Wireless Technology Forum
– Top 40 Company in Georgia, Technology Association of Georgia
– Runner-Up, Best Mobile App, World Youth & Student Travel Conference

This partnership will allow both companies to access to important global data trends and Grasp will provide their clients access to TripLingo products. “Grasp is very pleased to partner with Jesse Maddox and his revolutionary company.  The challenge of communication in foreign countries has been solved,” said Rick George , Vice President, Global Emerging Markets, Grasp Technologies.

TripLingo has products that are currently available in 12 languages on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, the Nook, and Kindle Fire.  Additionally, they have just released their 2.0 Version which is currently featured by Apple as “New & Noteworthy” amidst competition from over 500,000 other iOS applications.

TripLingo CEO Jesse Maddox said “We’re thrilled to align ourselves with other innovators in the travel space, and in discussions with Grasp it became clear that there was a clear strategic fit that enables both TripLingo & Grasp to better serve customers with the innovative and useful technologies they expect from us.”

“As Grasp continues to grow around the world, we are looking to work with the best and brightest companies in their field, not only to help our clients, but to also look for new ways to provide needed information to the marketplace in a more effective and efficient way.  Partnering with Jesse and the team at TripLingo, provides Grasp and TripLingo yet another way of doing this,” said Dave M. Lukas , Grasp Vice President.

About Grasp Technologies
Grasp Technologies helps clients navigate constantly changing business environments by providing the right combination of custom and standardized data management solutions and support.  Grasp was founded in 1996 and works extensively in the travel industry and other ancillary industries worldwide.  Grasp has offices in San Diego, California and Columbus, Ohio.

About TripLingo
TripLingo makes award-winning mobile applications to help travelers overcome the language barrier. Founded in 2011, TripLingo has won numerous awards for its innovations, and serves both leisure and corporate travelers with products that make it easy and natural for them to communicate in foreign lands and operate effectively while traveling.

SOURCE Grasp Technologies, Inc.