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New EZ Sleep Travel Pillow Promises To Make Flying Coach More Like First Class

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2013 — The new EZ Sleep Travel Pillow (www.ezsleeptravel.com) promises to provide travelers with added comfort and privacy when flying in a simple, elegant, and effective way. No need to put that silly looking “horse collar” around one’s neck anymore.  This pillow is a game changer for people who fly and is soon to be the new high standard for airplane travel comfort.

The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow blows up in about 3 or 4 breaths, installs easily between two seats or against the fuselage, straps to an armrest, then stays in place for an entire flight.  One can just lean against it and be comfortable as it supports the whole upper body and not just one’s head.  In addition, two travelers can benefit from the advantages of just one pillow.

It also provides for an increase in privacy between a traveler and their seat neighbor and prevents the unwanted contact between them. If use of the armrest is an issue, It can also be easily used in a comfortable forward position so bothering your neighbor when flying alone or not in a window seat, should not be a problem.

When one’s flight is over, it can simply be deflated, rolled it up into an easy to carry bundle, or just strapped to the handle of one’s carry-on.  It can also work great in a car, truck, train, bus, or even at the beach.

Scott Geary , the CEO of EZ Sleep Travel and the former COO of Better Energy Systems, the company that created the Solio, the world’s most popular personal solar charger, says it is the best consumer product he has seen in years.

About EZ Sleep Travel

Tate Sayre is a long-time inventor and idea man with three previous commercial inventions and CEO Scott Geary is a seasoned C-level executive for middle market companies with a BSEE from Northeastern University and a MBA from INSEAD.

The two individuals have been best friends since elementary school and have stayed in touch ever since.  They dreamed of the day they could combine their talents and launch a successful business together.

After many years and many ideas pitched by the inventor to the CEO, Mr. Geary had firsthand experience of one of Mr. Sayre’s ideas achieving commercial success by another company 10 years after it was pitched to him first.  After that Mr. Geary was convinced and was on board for the next one.

Soon after, Mr. Sayre came up with the next one and this is where we are today, a work in progress and a dream come true in the making.

Contact EZ Sleep Travel for more information or to receive a free sample (press only).

This product is currently patent pending.

Best New Product Winner at ASI Show (San Diego) 2012


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Tate Sayre

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