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Vacations for Soul

Spiritual Travel: “Vacations for Soul” Book Shows How to Change Your Life with Travel

Travel Expert Max Karimbeik Unveils Ways to Have Holistic Holidays

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17, 2013 — Do you return from a vacation more tired than before you left?

Maybe you need to abandon boring vacations and go on a spiritual quest instead, author and tour leader Max Karimbeik writes in his new book, “Vacations for the Soul.”

“Traveling can change your life and awaken your soul. Transforming boring vacations into holistic holidays can cultivate the body and the mind, whether adventuring solo or journeying as a group. Travel doesn’t have to constitute another boring vacation,” said Karimbeik, a travel professional and spiritual journeyer. “This book shows how to take trips that will transform lives.”

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“Whether adventuring solo or journeying as a group, you can learn how to swap a mundane vacation for a holistic holiday that cultivates the body, mind, and spirit alike,” he said. “An all-inclusive vacation package can be a great way for a couple to rekindle their relationship.”

Each chapter focuses on a particular type of holistic or spiritual treat and outlines the benefits of taking one. The book shows how the positive psychological effects of spiritual retreats and holistic vacations last long after the physical journey is over.

While the book offers a thorough examination of this alternate art of trekking, this guide is still short enough for those who don’t wish to spend hours poring over a travel guide.

“I wrote Vacations for the Soul to share the many inner and outer journeys that I’ve taken through the world. I passionately believe that everyone deserves to travel and to take meaningful trips that will develop a person’s spiritual resources even while exposing them to the realities of how others live in the world,” said Karimbeik runs a travel club that focuses on this unique form of adventuring.

The travel that Karimbeik describes is quite different that the one being sold on cruise ships and all-inclusive resort packages. He doesn’t confine his advice to any one region of the world but instead shows readers how to cultivate the mentality that is the hallmark of a holistic holiday.

“Traveling brings you closer to reality and to the world and connects you with your source. Why? Because people who travel to new places are usually in the present moment, not the past or the future,” Karimbeik writes. “Traveling is like meditation.”

This lighthearted guide will make a perfect gift. Even for the armchair explorer, it may move them to book passage on an alternate type of spiritual holiday they did not think was possible.

Karimbeik is honest about the stressful aspects of travel, from getting lost to not initially understanding the language or culture of your host country. Yet those stressful factors are also what can make travel spiritually transforming.

He explains several types of holistic travel such as health vacations focused on restoring the full powers of the body as well as volunteer vacations where travelers donate their time and skills to communities in need.

He also shows how vacation can be undertaken as a means for self-improvement or even as a way to heal from a traumatic experience. This alternate form of travel can also be a way for young couples or established married partners to recharge their batteries and renew their interest in one another, enhancing their relationship in an unlikely way.

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About Max Karimbeik

Author Max Karimbeik is a tour director certified by the International Tour Management Institute. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business and is currently studying psychology at the graduate level. A world traveler and a professional tour organizer, he has taught hundreds of others how to take vacations that elevate the spirit and improve the health of the body. He lives in the historic canal district of Venice, California.

SOURCE Max Karimbeik